"Qwik-Adjust" and "Qwik-Post"

Suggested Installation Procedures

The following installation procedures are only the manufacturer’s suggested methods. Actual installation methods may be regulated by local codes and/or code officials. Consult them before you start.

1Choose the correct model, size, length, and strength as required on the construction documents.
2Place column on footing pad and under bottom of load carrying beam where support is required.
3Adjust screw unit (Qwik-Adjust models) or install any necessary shims under base plate (Qwik-Post models) until column is snug and secure. Be certain column is vertically plumb and anchor column to support beam by one of the following methods depending on style of cap plate and type of beam (wood or steel).
 a“Qwik-Clip” Cap – used on steel beams only. Bend all 4 tab ears around bottom flange of beam with a hammer.
 bBearing Plate – 3 ½” x 6″ x .205″ (min. thickness) or 4″ x 8″ x .205″ (min. thickness) (Wood Beam) – Secure column’s position by using 16 D nails in the two 1/4 nail holes (if provided). Finish securing by installing 3/8″ x 2″ lag bolts with flat washers in the four 9/16″ holes provided.
(Steel Beam) – Drill four 9/16″ holes in bottom flange of steel beam matching the hole pattern of the selected cap plate. Install a 1/2″ x 2″ hardened bolt, flat washer, lock washer, and nut in each of the holes. As an alternative approved method or an additional method to the above suggested procedure, the cap plate may also be welded to the steel beam. These welds must be performed in accordance with AWS D1.1-92, and approved by an AWS certified inspector.
 cUniversal Cap – is designed to be used on either wood or steel beams. Suggested installation procedures are the same methods as above depending on whether the load carrying beam is of wood or steel.

Note: Unless the base of the column is encased in concrete, it is a recommendation of the manufacturer that at least 2 anchor bolts (one on each end of plate) are installed into footing pad, preventing movement of column after installation is complete.

CAUTION: IT IS NOT recommended by the manufacturer that the adjustable screw unit be made inoperable after installation by welding the screw stud to the screw collar. This may severely damage the integrity of the adjustable screw unit and cause premature failure.

Once again, these are only installation suggestions. Check with your local code official as they may require different methods of installation.

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